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We are proud Associate Members of the Payroll Authors Group of South Africa (PAGSA).

Our Associates have multiple PAGSA Associate and Full Memberships.

As members of the PAGSA, you are assured of receiving advice you can trust. Our involvement with the PAGSA ensures that our knowledge of SARS, tax, and other employment-related legislation is up to date and accurate.

Through regular contact and engagement with the PAGSA, SARS, and other bodies, we’re always ahead of upcoming industry announcements and changes in legislation. By keeping current with legislation, our customers are assured of avoiding legislative surprises.

Payroll Authors Group of South Africa

The Payroll Authors Group of South Africa is a non-profit organisation that represents the computerised payroll industry in South Africa.

In its role as a payroll industry representative, the PAGSA’s mandate is to focus on employment-related legislation, and to engage with the statutory bodies whose legislation and operational requirements impact employers and payroll systems.

The Payroll Authors Group of South Africa was established in 1989 with the active support of SARS, who coined the term “Payroll Author” for companies that develop, implement, and support computerised payroll systems.

Over the years, the PAGSA has been actively involved in SITE, the RDP levy, the design and implementation of the computerised tax certificate system, the implementation of the Skills Development levy, the new UIF legislation, and the design of ‘e@syFile for Employers’, to name but a few of the events.

A vitally important part of the PAGSA’s activities is to provide input to help shape future requirements and to make the authorities aware of the perspective and problems that employers and payrolls face. These discussions have resolved many problems at an early stage, and have made it possible for payroll systems to comply with what might otherwise have been impractical requirements.

PAGSA member companies provide payroll systems, services, and support to virtually all companies in South Africa that are computerised, and their payroll systems calculate and administer the withholding of employment taxes for thousands of companies, and in turn for literally millions of employees.

The PAGSA is today acknowledged as an essential partner by all statutory bodies to which employers must pay the various taxes, levies, and contributions required by law.

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