Naomie Blom

Naomie is a Bureau Payroll Manager with experience in Accsys, Sage VIP, Pastel Payroll and PSiber payrolls.  She oversees a team processing weekly, fortnightly, and monthly payrolls, remaining hands-on and involved in the daily processes.

Naomie thrives on continuing education and keeping an eye on legislative requirements and liaising with clients to ensure that they are kept compliant as it falls within her ambit.   She enjoys the month-end procedures, reconciliations and submitting of statutory returns, making work more of a hobby than a job for her.

Naomie has a BA (Psychology in Context) and a BA (Communication Science), both of which have provided her with an excellent grounding for working with our clients and interacting with legislative departments.  She has also completed a Payroll and Tax Administration short course through the University of Cape Town Get Smarter programme and has Certificates in Payroll Administration & Processing and Payroll Parameters & Taxation, Bookkeeping and Practical Accounting.