Krycom has been involved with eFiling and e@syFile since April 2002. The focus of Krycom is assisting, accountants, corporate clients as well as individuals, with their eFiling and e@syFile queries and problems as well as SARS related queries.

Services Offered:

  • Registration of eFiling portfolio’s.
  • eFiling portfolio maintenance and clean-up to maximize the performance of Practice Management software.
  • All technical assistance and troubleshooting on eFiling and e@syFile.
  • Training of new staff members on eFiling and e@syFile.
  • Balancing of ETI claims, resubmission and backdating of ETI, balancing payroll ETI to monthly EMP201 submissions, and correcting historic EMP 201 submissions via the EMP 501 recon. Upload of recons directly into SARS backend.
  • Remote access to eFiling profiles to save costs on travel.