Jeanne Martin

Jeanne Martin is a payroll professional with 17 years of extensive experience in the field. She has supported, implemented, trained, and processed payrolls for many companies and organisations across multiple industries, including most countries on the rest of the African continent. Jeanne has substantial technical and implementation experience across various payroll software solutions, some of which include Sage VIP, Sage 300, PaySpace, nuQ, Accsys, GreatSoft, and SCubed Payroll.

Jeanne has a great passion for the payroll industry and is a dedicated and driven individual. Superior client engagement is a core value she embraces with every interaction.

Jeanne’s expertise in the payroll field extends over many verticals, with almost two decades of experience processing, implementing, managing, training, and auditing payrolls. She is well-versed in all the statutory elements of the many Payroll & HR laws and enablers such as SARS eFiling, e@syFile, COIDA, Employment Equity, and UIF submissions.

Jeanne holds degrees in BCom Accounting and BSc IT Management, as well as a Post Graduate Diploma in Forensic Auditing, which further extends her expertise and skills in the industry.

Jeanne truly understands the complexities of the payroll environment, especially the sensitive nature of payroll information, coupled with a very deadline-driven profession. Jeanne loves to help clients solve their problems in a way that best fits their business environment, and she believes that being creative is often the best way to solve a complex problem.