Everything from compliance with the many laws governing businesses in South Africa to running a more tax-efficient business.

Taxes such as VAT and customs and excise duties are becoming increasingly onerous. Our team of specialists supports businesses on a wide range of taxes governing all aspects of business and employment-related legislation, including compliance and reporting, dispute resolution, and tax planning and implementation. We work with businesses to develop tax strategies that align with their internal business strategies.

Tax Compliance

With the multitude of taxes and legislative bodies governing businesses in South Africa, it’s hard to keep up with when and how you must register and submit information in line with multiple deadlines.

  • Completion of all SARS, CIPC, and Department of Labour Returns.
  • Submission of individual tax returns.
  • Register and deregister businesses and individuals for Income Tax, PAYE, UIF, and COIDA.
  • Salary Structuring for employee salary packages structured in line with the latest legislation. We help you find the perfect balance between paying the correct taxes and maximizing take-home pay while maintaining absolute statutory compliance.

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