Our payroll system of choice is PSIber’s Human Capital Management Platform, but we don’t believe in prescribing “square pegs” where they don’t fit. We offer impartial advice when selecting a payroll software solution.

How Can We Help?

If you’re in the market for a payroll system whether you have an experienced payroll team that’s managed to outgrow your existing payroll, or you’re a new or growing business and you’ve decided to let go of your spreadsheet-driven payroll, we can help. It may simply be a case of exploring or “kicking the tires” on a new solution.

What is PSIber?

PSIberWORKS is a secure, industry-leading cloud-based human capital management solution.

The PSIber Human Capital Management Platform offers users a FLEXIBLE and COMPREHENSIVE solution for the day-to-day administration of people in the workplace.

PSIber’s platform is cloud-based ensuring access to data, anywhere at any time using an internet connection. PSIber’s Human Capital Management platform incorporates a full turnkey product offering, “online”, all the time!

Why PSIber?

Developed by leading payroll experts and developers, PSIber Payroll delivers a truly unique payroll system that can be used by clients from all industries within businesses of any size, PSIber’s Lite solution is perfect for small business and household’s management of domestic workers.

The platform has been designed to ensure that it is scalable, replicable, easy to use, and intuitive.

The system, although rich in sophisticated functionality is extremely user-friendly and automates most, if not all complicated payroll calculations and processing. Reporting is comprehensive and flexible, while processing of all statutory requirements is both simple and accurate.

PSIber provides Employee Self Service which spans from basic employee information maintenance, leave and loan applications through to online business expense logging, claims, and management of various employee statistics.