Often business owners and managers don’t get to the mundane tasks of keeping their HR administration up to date. Although not a difficult task, the day-to-day running of a business and putting out a fire or two a day gets in the way of doing just that.

Why Is HR Admin Important?

The challenge with scattered employee information is that it is not secure or kept confidential and could get into the wrong hands. When you need the information most, you often can’t find it fast enough, or at all, and you don’t know where to start looking in many cases.

It makes preparation for instances such as disciplinary hearings cumbersome, having to page through unorganized wads of paper. It is a bad reflection on your business and makes it difficult to prove that you have taken reasonable measures to effectively manage the relationship with your employee. Furthermore, if the information isn’t stored in a central place in an organized manner, the completion of returns takes longer, and submission deadlines are often missed, resulting in penalties.

How Can We Help?

  • Implementation of an industry-leading cloud-based HR system to keep information secure and stored in an organized manner that’s easy to access when needed.
  • Obtaining and capturing employee information on the HR system.
  • Organizing all employee information and documentation, not limited to:
    • Contracts of employment
    • CV’s
    • Training attended and other training-related records including costs
    • ID’s
    • Performance management and appraisals

Is This Service For You?

Our HR admin service is ideal for any size and type of business. We can help no matter the requirement, from giving a hand with getting the backlog of paperwork in order or a more permanent solution to help you maintain your HR admin for good with the use of an HR system.