Many employers appoint job applicants based on a good interview and experience or qualification details provided on a CV. Many applicants aren’t always truthful on their CV’s, putting employers in a predicament after the appointment has been made and the paperwork is in place.

Finding out about criminal records or simply that required work experience or qualifications are not accurate after the fact has devastating effects on the business, especially in certain industries and job roles requiring specialized skills.

Taking disciplinary action often leads to a CCMA case that not only consumes time and energy but becomes costly without even considering the time wasted with having to start the recruitment process from scratch.

Our team of experts can assist with conducting the following pre-employment checks, ensuring you have complete transparency before making a recruitment decision.

Type of Checks Available

  • Criminal Clearance
  • Credit Bureau Reports
  • Matric and Qualification Verification
  • Driver’s Licence Verification