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We are an association of experienced, dedicated, and passionate payroll professionals that provide end-to-end support to the payroll industry and the payroll profession.

Who we are

Nowicki & Associates was originally founded in 2002 and is an association made up of experienced and well-seasoned payroll professionals. The Association was born out of an ongoing passion for:

    • ensuring the appropriate and effective use of payroll and HR technologies used by companies of all sizes and across all industry sectors;
    • driving the need, and assisting companies in meeting compliance and statutory obligations at all levels within the organisation;
    • elevating the role of payroll professionals within the organisation through obtaining acknowledgement of the strategic contribution their output, reports, and statistics provide to all levels of management.

Today, the Association comprises a number of separate entities owned by industry experts in their own right, and who have unrivalled experience in their respective fields of expertise.

Although completely cloud-based, the Association physically spans across a network of different locations ensuring that on-site help, where necessary, is always within reach.

The purpose of the Association is to:

    • provide end-to-end support, from initial need identification through to implementation success and beyond, to the payroll industry, to companies of any size and type, to independent payroll professionals, and trusted financial advisors;
    • remain technology and product-neutral wherever appropriate;
    • ensure that customers make an informed and long-lasting business decision when selecting a Payroll and HR solution, albeit software or services;
    • minimise company risk by maintaining a high standard of tax and legislative compliance in day-to-day Payroll and HR Management – at employee and employer level;
    • provide real value to the customer’s organisation, through:
      • the continuous improvement and best practice implementation of policies, processes, and procedures;
      • leveraging from and maximising the features and benefits of the chosen technology platform;
      • ensuring ongoing product excellence and subject matter knowledge;
      • the provision of professional advice and support services;
    • make the chosen technology work for the customer through:
      • process innovation and automation;
      • ensuring validity, relevance, and accuracy of input data and corresponding output;
      • preparing the system for the provision of meaningful data intelligence;
      • presenting scenarios and predictions through powerful data analytics;
    • provide customers with access to powerful current and future insights into their businesses using data-driven analytics.

The Association aims to ensure that the output from Payroll Departments:

    • is more visible at all levels within the business;
    • elevates the role of the Payroll Practitioner through the provision of more strategic information and insight;
    • ensures that management and the board view their contribution and the whole payroll function more strategically;
    • increase the importance level through “professionalising” their role.

Superior Service & Commitment

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Our Trusted Specialist Associates

We take pride in introducing some of the top specialists at your service, covering the end-to-end management and administration of all things Payroll, HR, and employment-related.


Payroll processing is time-consuming and can be stressful especially given the time constraints and accuracy requirement. Confidentiality is key considering the sensitive nature of employee personal and financial information being processed. Contraserv aims to offer professional, dedicated, and efficient payroll services ensuring complete statutory compliance, lifting the administrative burden from our clients.  At our helm

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Excelsiar Payroll Outsourcing

Excelsiar is an experienced, professional Payroll Outsourcing Services Provider that assists South African businesses and employers by freeing them from the burden of managing their payroll obligations. This allows you as the Employer or Business Owner more time to focus on other critical and essential areas of your businesses such as sales and growth.This is

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HRTorQue Outsourcing

Established twenty years ago, HRTorQue Outsourcing (Pty) Ltd assists all size companies to improve their efficiency and professionalism in dealing with their employees by introducing practical outsourced HR and accounting solutions in the workplace. These solutions include Payroll and HR Support, a full suite of accounting and tax services, Employee Relations and Skills Development reporting,

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Krycom has been involved with eFiling and e@syFile since April 2002. The focus of Krycom is assisting, accountants, corporate clients as well as individuals, with their eFiling and e@syFile queries and problems as well as SARS related queries. Services Offered: Registration of eFiling portfolio’s. eFiling portfolio maintenance and clean-up to maximize the performance of Practice

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Limitless HR Solutions

Want to improve your productivity or human capital processes & systems?With over 30 years of experience in all spheres of the HR field, we have the necessary skills to deal with all the challenges pertaining to this field in any industry. We take pride in ensuring that I add value to any company’s human resources

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Pay Focus

Enterprising Focus trading as Pay Focus is an outsourced payroll service provider located in South Africa.Our team consists of 5 dedicated ladies who all take a lot of pride in their work. Services performed are done in the most accurate, timely, reliable, and complete manner possible. Payroll processes followed by our team are built around

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Pay Solutions

Pay Solutions offers a professional and competent service for all your HR and Payroll Administration requirements.Payroll Administration is becoming more onerous for small and medium-sized businesses. Not only must the Payroll Administration functions run smoothly with the correct levies and taxes being paid, but a comprehensive database of employee information complying with statutory requirements needs

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Remunerique Specialists for Innovative Payroll Solutions

Remunerique was founded by Lorraine Tam and Shelley Sardinha. It came about as a result of a fierce spirit of independence and a quest for excellence. Shelley and Lorraine’s complementary talents combine to form a dynamic duo.Remunerique offers you a highly flexible and dynamic web-based payroll service. Instead of expending your energies on payroll irritations,

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Specialised HR Services

Since 2001, Specialised HR Services (SHRS) has provided professional and efficient, integrated payroll administrative and human resources consulting services to small and medium-sized companies (SMME’s) across South Africa. We understand the needs of SMME’s and will ensure compliance with regards to all Labour and Tax Legislation. Our payroll is cloud-based, secure and easy to use

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The Payroll Specialists

The Payroll Specialists is a Payroll Outsourcing company providing a professional and confidential service to successful businesses across South Africa.The Payroll Specialists understand that managing the payroll of your business is critical to your success. They offer a comprehensive set of customised payroll services and managed human resources which are tailor-made to suit your individual

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Visions Consulting

Personnel Visions (Pty) Ltd was founded in 1995 and today has 4 wholly-owned subsidiary companies within the Group and multiple divisions.Visions Consulting is a business management consultancy assisting organisations with strategic input to and implementation of Student Administration Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Business Intelligence, HCM, and Payroll solutions and related technologies. We are headquartered

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Rob Nowicki – Founder of NowHR

Rob Nowicki has been actively involved in the design, development, and implementation of various Payroll, HR, and Tax applications for over forty years, both locally and internationally. He was a founder of one of the first PC based Payroll/HR applications in South Africa and also pioneered the concept of cloud-based Payroll/HR services, with the launch of PSIberWORKS in 2000.

Using PSIber technology, Rob and a partner (Accenture), established a facility called MyTax.co.za, a service which enabled taxpayers to complete various tax forms and make associated tax payments directly to SARS via the internet from anywhere in the world.

This service was runner up in the SA Public Service Innovation Awards during 2002. The service later, through a merger with Tax Break, became the foundation for the highly successful SARS efiling service which today boasts many millions of users and which processes in excess of 15 million financial transactions for SARS per annum.

The PSIberWORKS product suite has over the years become the benchmark in South Africa for cloud-based Payroll, HR, and Tax services for all types and size companies, and today processes the payslips for in excess of 250 000 employees across the internet.

Rob’s operation also boasted an online Payroll Bureau (LabourNet Payroll Services) which serviced over 100 000 employee payslips per month across almost 1 000 companies in the cloud, making this bureau one of the largest and most popular payroll service bureaus of its kind in South Africa. This bureau today still operates extremely successfully under the LabourNet banner.

Rob continues to be very active on the professional speaker circuit where he regularly presents papers and seminars on Employees Tax, cloud-based computing, Payroll/HR practices, and many other employment and legislation-related topics.

Rob continues to be an active Manco Member of the Payroll Authors Group of South Africa (PAGSA)  which he has been involved with for many years.

Rob has had extensive experience in starting, managing, and merging companies both in the SMME space as well as the corporate sectors of the business community.

Over and above his extensive management and technology experience he has been actively involved with many development and brand building initiatives within the Information Technology industry, particularly related to the payment and management of employees in the workplace.

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