COIDA Notice: Open Day Meetings To Assist Employers

In case you haven’t seen the notice, the Compensation Fund is holding a couple of Open Day meetings to assist employers with unresolved queries and giving employers the opportunity to engage directly with processing officials.

Open Day meetings are taking place at the Birchwood Hotel and Conference Centre in Boksburg from 11 October to 13 October 2022 between 09:00 and 14:30.

The Compensation Fund is inviting employers to these Open Day meetings to assist with the following:

Employer Registration Queries

  1. Application for employer registration (manual and online)
  2. Application for re-registration (manual application)
  3. Application for the change of nature of business (manual and online)
  4. Application for deregistration
  5. Trade name updating
  6. Address updating
  7. Processing of employer’s banking details

Employer Assessment Functions

  1. Clearing of employers who are flagged for audit
  2. Application for the Revision of Assessment
  3. Submission of Return of Earnings (To be assisted with the online submission)

Employer Compliance

  1. Education on the obligations of the employer
  2. Auditing process conducted by the Compensation Fund to ensure full compliance by the employer

Gauteng COID Province

  1. Assisting with Claims
  2. Enquiries on Claims
  3. Registration on the CompEasy system
  4. Verification of Claims for employers


  1. Online employer registration errors
  2. System errors on the submission of the ROEs

Call Centre

  1. Application for Tender Letters
  2. Capturing of an employer’s email address
  3. CompEasy password and user’s password reset

More Information

For more information relating to these Open Day meetings, feel free to contact the Compensation Fund Call Centre on 0800 32 1322 or 086 010 5350.