Hybrid-Model 2022 Annual Payroll Managers Tax Year-End Seminar

Our next Annual Payroll Managers Tax Year-End Seminar is scheduled to take place on 10 March 2022. For the first time ever, we’ll be piloting a hybrid approach to our seminar.

What does this mean? We will be hosting a physical seminar at a venue (in line with the COVID-19 regulations) and at the same time, we will be broadcasting the seminar live to those delegates that wish to attend remotely.

Our agenda is packed with exciting content and if you thought 2020 and 2021 were busy in the legislative landscape and rather challenging for the payroll profession, you haven’t seen anything yet!

We’ll not only be covering the legislative changes surrounding the 2022 Budget Speech, but we’ll also be highlighting several amendments that were made during 2021 and some interesting developments at SARS that will impact all businesses. In this  NewsFlash, we have highlighted only some of the more significant changes and happenings during 2021 that impacted businesses and the payroll profession, all of which we’ll be covering in more detail during our seminar in March. Check back here regularly to reserve your seat.