The PSIberWORKS User Group (PUG) is officially constituted

We are proud to announce that we have constituted the PUG, short for “PSIberWORKS User Group” and that the PUG is officially recognised by LabourNet as a duly constituted User Group.

What is the purpose of the PUG?

The purpose of the PUG is to provide the means to get input and feedback from the PSIber User Community. The PUG is formed and operated independent from PSIber/LabourNet and provides a forum to discuss trends in the Payroll and HR industry, new technology and much more.

The PUG is the ideal mechanism to obtain future ideas, trends and suggested product features and improvements and to share those with PSIber/LabourNet for consideration. The ultimate aim of the PUG is to ensure that the PSIber product continues to keep pace with what the industry and users require, ensuring continued relevance in the marketplace and with users.

What are the Aims and Objectives of the PUG?

  1. To promote the interest of the Members and to encourage their co-operation in the sharing of information and ideas between them;
  2. To ensure that the Product develops, in accordance with current trends in the payroll/HR industry;
  3. To provide a forum for Members to keep abreast of current and future Product Developments and for Members to assist with specs, market research, and testing new functionality where required;
  4. To assist in ensuring that there is an acceptable balance between the development needs of users and the development direction/priorities of the Product;
  5. To formalise Member requirements and priorities in change requests for the Product;
  6. To act as a common voice in dealing with PSIber/LabourNet, Government and official bodies, if and when necessary;
  7. Where possible, to engage with government departmental experts within SARS, the UIF, the DOL, and COIDA, for example, and to assist in answering related queries on behalf of members;
  8. To collectively ensure that training, education, and documentation relating to the Product is easily available, updated, accurate, relevant, simple, and easy to use and understand.

How often do members meet and what is discussed at meetings?

Members meet twice a year of which one of the meetings serves as an AGM.

In addition to electing a Committee during an AGM, meetings are used as an opportunity to talk about training and education, courses, and documentation that will make the lives of PSIber users and the onboarding of new users simple and easy.

As with many payroll software products, users are often faced with a mountain of documents and often after consuming the information are still in a position of not knowing how to get started. The PUG is used as a forum to give feedback on what training and education needs there are.

As a collective group, there is access to many senior people in government and some of the key people (where relevant) are invited to join the meetings.

The common objective of the PUG is to improve the PSIber product and to ensure that it is easy to support and use but also for everyone to have a good idea of where the LabourNet/PSIber, i.e. the technology partner is headed in terms of strategy and future development.

Periodically meetings are used to assess the productivity and effectiveness of the PUG and key indicators are introduced to help determine the success of the PUG and its continued relevance.

Who can become a member of the PUG?

PSIber software users are best suited to become members of the PUG as they stand to gain relevant information and benefit through being PUG members.

The term “users” refers to Payroll and HR practitioners that use components of the PSIber solution stack in the Payroll and HR departments of their organisations or Payroll and HR service providers that provide an outsourced Payroll or HR function or related supporting function to organisations using the PSIber human capital platform.

PSIber, formally known as PSIberWORKS is a secure, industry-leading cloud-based human capital management solution.

The PSIber Human Capital Management Platform offers users a FLEXIBLE and COMPREHENSIVE solution for the day-to-day administration of people in the workplace.

PSIber’s platform is cloud-based ensuring access to data, anywhere at any time using an internet connection. PSIber’s Human Capital Management platform incorporates a full turnkey product offering, “online”, all the time!