Tips & Tricks for Employer Filing Season 2021

As you probably know by know, Employer Filing Season opens on 1 April 2021 and closes on 31 May 2021. No extensions will be granted and this year SARS has indicated that they will levy a penalty of 1% of the annual PAYE total for any late submissions.

Please take note of the tips & tricks below to ensure a smoother Employer Filing Season:

  1. Ensure that you have a working backup of your current SARS e@syFile database/s as soon as possible before the filing season opens.
  2. We are anticipating a new version of SARS e@syFile. Please do not click on the “Update” button when notified that there is a new update. Go to and click on “Employer e@syFile” and Download and Save the software. Install the software from the saved location.
  3. Ensure that your Java automatic update has been disabled and do not update Java when prompted. SARS e@syFile has an option where it prompts you to select to update and install the Java version supplied by SARS e@syFile. Please select and install this Java version.
  4. Always use ADMIN as your login. It is the default login that is created when you first setup SARS e@syFile. Any other logins will create issues with resubmissions and corrections.
  5. Always ensure that the date on the first page of the EMP 501 recon is changed to the current date and do not use the prepopulated date.
  6. Kindly download the remote desktop access software Anydesk as soon as possible to facilitate access to your PC by the Krycom technical staff in the event of issues.

The above tips & tricks seek to address the most commonly found issues that occur at the beginning of every filing season, however, the issues are not always limited to only the above.

Should you encounter any issues, our team is ready and available to assist you. If you are an Associate of Nowicki & Associates you can log a support ticket using the Associate Dashboard and you will be assisted as quickly as possible to ensure a smooth and effortless Employer Filing season.

This content is courtesy of Anton Krynauw from Krycom.