Adobe Flash is no longer available

Adobe Flash is no longer available as all services and support has been stopped. This will mean that you will not be able to access the RAV01 to update details.

SARS is aware of this and is busy working on a solution.

There is a work around that entails the installation of an Android Emulator app and a new browser that works in the emulator. You will also need a Google account.  I can install it via a Teamviewer session. You will need to get authorisation from your IT department (where applicable) to install the Android Emulator.

The browser required has two versions. The normal version that requires you to watch a 30 second video every time and the Pro version that costs R83.99.

Contact us for support on this matter.


The eFiling Adobe Flash temporary work around till SARS resolves the issue requires the following software:

  1. Bluestacks Android Emulator (
  2. Puffin Browser


  1. Download Bluestacks and install
  2. Use the Chrome Browser in Bluestacks and Google Puffin Browser and download the and install the app. You can use the free version or the Puffin Pro
  3. Whenever you want to access any eFiling function that requires Adobe Flash you just click on the Puffin Icon on your desktop and it will open Bluestacks automatically and then launch the Puffin browser.

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